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Deana's Colorado Real Estate Journal article in the October, 2016 Land and Development Quarterly: 2016 CREJ Article


entelechy was launched in 2008 to create enduring places for people.

The firm's leadership remains firmly committed to our tripartite approach: plan. design. develop.

Tactical Development Services Through an Urban Design Lens

Given the stage of the current economic cycle, there has never been a more strategic time to emphasize develop

entelechy provides tactical development services through an urban design lens. As experienced, diverse professionals we are able to work as creative and technical liaisons with developers, landowners and economic development specialists.

  • We understand development and investment realities.
  • We decipher the complexities of the development process.
  • We provide strategies for clients that balance vision with development practicality.

See the DEVELOP tab for more information.

entelechy (en-'te-le-kē) means, among many things, bringing the full potential to reality.

entelechy is an urban design based firm located in Denver, CO. Bringing the full potential to reality is the root from which entelechy practices.  Our projects start with a vision - the potential - and become a reality - a built place.  

entelechy brings a tripartite foundation of planning, design, and development to every project.  It is this third component - development - that assures implementation of a successful built place.

We provide land planning, design, and development services nationwide.

Entelechy: to bring full potential to reality. We bring the full potential to a place and assist clients in making it a reality, resulting in environments that thrive for decades after our work has been completed.
— firm vision
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