entelechy's Owner and Director of Urban Design and Planning - Deana Swetlik - has more than 20 years of experience.  Ms. Swetlik has previously worked in the public sector and for both boutique and international planning consultancies.  She focuses on the strategic planning, design, and development of sustainable urban places through a balanced land use, transport, economic, and social approach.  Her background in architecture, planning, and real estate finance provides a cognizant balance between planning issues, building scale and character, and the financial realities and phasing of projects. 

Ms. Swetlik's career emphasis on regeneration of place and on the critical land use and transport system connections are topics at the forefront of planning, design, and development worldwide.  Deana also brings a keen understanding of the social and psychological impacts and affects the design of place has on the user. She has worked on a broad range of project types, including: land use, neighborhood, corridor, district, and transit plans; ordinances, guidelines, and standards; streetscape design; site development; and park/open space planning. Ms. Swetlik has worked in 15 states on over 50 revitalization projects.

Deana Swetlik, entelechy's founder, has created development strategies for more than:

  • 4,500 acres of brownfields
  • 20,000 acres of greenfields
  • 12,000 acres of greyfields
  • 250 acres of public housing
  • 5,500 acres of transit districts
  • 1,000 acres of waterfront

Ms. Swetlik has taught planning and urban design courses at UC-Denver and is actively involved with ULI and CNU.

Ms. Swetlik is joined by a talented team of urban designers, planners, and landscape architects.  entelechy's diverse, collaborative, and boutique environment provides a high level of service to clients while being cost effective.


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speaking engagements:


Housing Colorado - Attainable Housing, The Missing Middle and the Economy.

RMLUI Annual Conference: Discussing the density of, placemaking of and economic impacts of the Missing Middle.

Downtown Colorado Inc.  (DCI) Presentation on the Density Delusion - what densities are really not that dense, support transit, support mixed use neighborhoods and are mostly within a 35' height limit?


DCI - two presentations on density and downtown housing

RMLUI: Presentation on downtown housing

Moderated and Presented at ULI TOD Committee event

Moderated a CNU event on the future of transit.


Panel member- ULI 40th and Colorado Healthy Places Panel.  See the final document here:

ULI Healthy Places Panel: 40th and Colorado document

CNU Colorado event on revitalization of a main street corridor.  

Housing Colorado 2014 presentation

CNU Colorado event on revitalization of 38th Avenue in Wheat Ridge.  

CNU Colorado 2014 presentation


Presented at APA Colorado fall 2013 on retrofitting suburbs.